The One I Love - REM

I love this song, and was pleased to see the lesson. However, when I tried to add a topic to the discussion it said “There was a problem adding a topic”.

Anyway, the topic I was trying to add is that in the vast number of months (about 18) since learning to play the guitar, for about the last 6 of these months I have been playing the verse with G D Am C rather than Justin’s G D C C. Also, on the last Em of the bar preceding the above, I play this as Em7.

To me it just gives a bit of a lift before going into the G.

I know Justin always says “if it sounds right it is right” but I just wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on this?


They are almost identical … Am and C differ by just one note. And going to Am you can easily throw in a walk down on the A string of C → B → A.
But Justin’s ears must not have heard it in the transcription.
If it sounds good it is good.

As is the Em7.
Notice that Em7 includes the note D which Justin is hitting in the riff that goes over the double bar of Em so for sure you can play Em to Em7 there.
Hope that helps.

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