The one that got away… 😢

I was like a :pig: in :poop:

Sometime last year I messaged Skyscraper Stan, asking if he had any plans to tour the UK and would he let me know if he did, as I’d love to meet him.

Well, after I came back from my recent road trip I had a message, saying he was planning a UK/Ireland tour in October, but that his agent had let him down and he was having to organise everything himself- Could he take me up on my offer of accommodation and did I know of any local venues? :open_mouth: :smiley:

Say no more. I told him he could stay for the week of his Northwest leg of the tour, and I promptly booked our local arts centre for a Sat night gig. (A house-gig would have been preferable, but I knew he’d be looking for larger audiences to fund the tour). I went into full ‘promoter mode’ and started emailing venues, not just near us but also down South and in Ireland. I even arranged for a support act (not me!)

You can imagine my disappointment, when I received an email this morning, saying his record label advised cancelling the tour due to lack of available venues and to postpone till maybe July ’25.
I hadn’t even told him that I had decided to join him onstage with my guitar and Chris on fiddle for the encore, playing I Fell Over :rofl:


Still, it was an enjoyable experience and who knows, maybe someday in the future?


Aaa, what an annoying thing to read Brian.

A lot of effort for nothing…sometimes the preparation is more fun than the event, but I can now imagine that this is not the case here…on the other hand, if I Try to think of what I did last year in July, it now seems like just a few weeks ago … so 2025 is on the corner :smiley:

maybe I do the same thing too much :roll_eyes: :joy:

Now I going back to do vakantie stuff with my girl :smiley:
Going to KeesDeee ,Baxmusic ,musichous Souman ,Gooise-gitaren …etc etc :innocent:


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Bummer! Not the best news… we live and learn! They don’t know, what they are missing :roll_eyes:. Sorry about this :sleepy:.

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Man that’s a bummer Mr L, I know you are a big fan. But hey July '25 ain’t that far away.
Maybe if you had told him that you and Chris were going to back him up on stage, there could have been a change of heart !

All good clean fun by the sounds of it !


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That’s a bummer, Brian. But as the others said: That year will pass by in no time and you’ll get your chance to hang out. At least that’s what I’m hoping for you. :smiley:

I guess he appreciates all the efforts you took so far.

Should have told him, or you are going to surprise him summer '25! This will be a night the audience will never forget. :sunglasses:

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Pfffttttt bl@@dy record labels! Sad to hear that opportunity was thwarted, must’ve been really disappointing!

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Thanks all you guys & gals :grinning:
Reading my post (and title) again, I probably placed too much emphasis on the disappointment angle.
I usually get more enjoyment from personal interactions than the activities themselves.
I was chuffed to be contacted and thoroughly enjoyed our email exchanges.
Trying to organise gigs is not easy, but an enlightening experience.
I’m left with a warm glow inside and the potential for future encounters.
He’s a sound bloke with a good :heart:

I want to thank you for being the only person to give me a chance when the booker went missing in action. It means a lot that you were so willing to help out. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t get it to happen this time.
Sorry to have wasted your time and effort. If I decide to have another go at it in 2025, you’ll be the first person to know.



Stan’s the man. Nice dude. :sunglasses: