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Hey @JGAdmin , will you ever be uploading the answers to this lesson? I think I got it right, but I like the whole idea of being able to check (I know, I know, I am only supposed to be focusing on the pause and not the notes. But I felt like focusing on both :stuck_out_tongue: )

Here’s my attempt at exercise TR-104-A. It would be nice to know where I’m right and where I’m wrong.

Here’s my attempt at the second pause exercise TR-104-B.

@Daf , thanks for transcribing this and posting here. After I was done I came here to check and compare against yours. I think there was a mistake in my TR104A and probably got it right in the second round. However in the TR104B your last two bars and mine do not match. But this time I am not sure if the mistake is mine. Do you want to check yours again?
By the way this is great stuff! I’d like to thank Justin and the website staff. I think the discussion is a great part of the learning too.

I got exactly the same as DAF for both exercises. :+1: I don’t have any transcribing software but I found that if I download the tracks I can still use the space bar to start and stop (which is much more accurate than hitting pause!) and I can slow the track down. Is that cheating? :roll_eyes:

What are the time signatures for these two exercises?

Both are in 4/4 timing.

Thanks. I was trying to do what Justin suggested by slightly changing the spacing on the tab for half notes. Then I realized I was getting ahead of myself. The barlines in the exercise solutions didn’t seem right, but I’m assuming that will be covered later on down the line.

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