The Perfect Octave Interval

In this lesson, we learn to hear, sing and play The Perfect 8ve (Octave) Interval.

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The opening of Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix is good for hearing the octave both up and down. :slight_smile:

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Hello @charlietwell and welcome to the Community.
Good spot on those octaves.
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Hi there,
Is David Bowie’s Starman a perfect octave - right at the chorus when he sings “Staar…maaaan” ?
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“I am going to have to put my legs together to sing that one…” :crazy_face::rofl::hugs:

If you play a perfect 4th followed by a perfect 5th and then a perfect octave from the same fret you can make some decent licks up and use them for practice.

You’re playing 3 of the 5 notes in the minor pentatonic scale thats why the sound good together.

So as long as a finger plays or crosses the B string, I always forward it 1 fret? am I right? Also does playing the root note in the first string matters? Just wondering how it’ll look like to play any perfect interval with the root note in the first string/thinnest.

Yeah, the b string is offset by one fret (or semitone)

You could have a look at Justin’s note finder app. It’s good for learning the note positions and relative shapes and patterns between them.

There is also an app specifically for learning the intervals too.

I think yes

Thank you Davide :slight_smile: