The 'Push' Technique

This strumming technique changes the feel of the music, and it’s super common in songs! Learn more.

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Another song with a wonderful push rhythm is My Sweet Lord by George Harrison :slight_smile:

Here’s another good one

I like to indicate pushed chords with a “<” prefix in my lead sheets.

Under the Milky Way, by The Church, is a beautiful Australian classic.


Hello Myfanwy and a very, very, very warm welcome to the community.
I make the case for welcoming you so warmly as you have name-checked The Church. One of my favourite bands. I have trumpeted their brilliance over many years in the community and especially in the old forum before we migrated to here.
:hugs: :smiley:

Under The Milky Way is also a classic case of having two guitars play together when one has a capo.


This was amazing. I’ve never heard Under the milky way before and loved learning it. Thanks both @Nanw03 and @Richard_close2u

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Thank you @Nanw03 @Richard_close2u for mentioning “Under the Milky Way” a song, that I had on my “before guitar time” playlist for years and really love. It’s such a beautiful song. Didn’t have it on my list to learn yet, but will add it (list is growing and growing :wink:).


For what it’s worth lesson doesn’t appear to mention and push. did I miss something?