The Risk of the Blues Immersion Course 😊

So make sure our spouses don’t go crazy about us… :joy:

What I think is funny is that this picture is a bit close to the truth for me. :blush:

Because since the day I registered with Justinguitar in August 2020, I have woken up almost every day with this happy feeling of another day of learning guitar and watching videos, and I said that often and my wife also said quite often " nice for you and now quiet, I’ll sleep a little longer" even last week :roll_eyes:
The course will certainly not help her with this, but she is very happy for me :sweat_smile:


I have many more but they don’t get much better :laughing:


lol. I woke up this morning working out a finger style timing that has been vexing me. toes tapping and fingers twitching… My wife gives me a soft backhand and says “stop that”! This was just before 5AM.

She’s doomed for 6 months after the class really starts.



Bad spous you be a bad spous :laughing:


Even myself, I was tired of hearing the blues Spotify playlist on repeat and watching blues documentaries :rofl: I took a week off and now everything is fine. :smile:


Maybe you should spice up the blues?


:joy: he is good :sunglasses:

Given the first joke and that in combination with this sentence, a few well-placed comments could quickly turn this thread into an 18+…no no no you young lady :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Greetings :smile:


:joy: :joy: :joy: You are only as bad as your thoughts :wink:. :innocent: :guitar:
Men… :roll_eyes: :joy:


Helen @Helen0609
I am not a BLIMer but I understand these techniques are in Lesson 33.


Whoa there Andrea… :roll_eyes:

Instead of “men” I’m thinking you should have said “guitarists”!!! :rofl:

The most OBSESSIVE guitar player I know ever known was female… one if my coworker’s had a wife… she never talked about anything except guitar playing, songs, what was going on with her band… etc… etc… It got to the point where he stopped talking about her, bringing her into work for a visit & eventually caused their relationship to fall apart…

It IS a risk to be too much in Love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: with something that your partner doesn’t Love also… you get lots of…


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That’s great.


Tod @CATMAN62, if you look which comment Andrea @Helen0609 reacted to, I think you’ll find she wasn’t talking about an obsession for guitars… :wink:

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Thanks, Els @LadyOfTheCastle ! You got it!
@CATMAN62 Tod, I was referring to Rogiers comment:

I totally understand the obsession about guitar playing and deepdiving into the blues :rofl:.
Quite the contrary: why should this behaviour be limited to men :upside_down_face:. For me, it’s just the other way round :rofl:. I wake up in the morning with my head full of guitar related thoughts and I risk lots of eye rolling from my husband :partying_face:.


Hi Andrea!

I “got it” too… I was just taking off on your “men” comment to put a more guitar oriented slant to my response…

As a father of 3 grown children & a grandfather to several young 20somethings & teens, if I’d been including the point of your post, my riposte would probably have been “people” instead of guitarist. Seems like SO MUCH of what goes on in the modern world is “18 +” & that there’s a nasty twist to almost everything… no sweet innocence any more.

That’s one of the things that attracts me to this Community - the positive, supportive attitude that is seen in almost every post!
So , forgive me if I ruffled any feathers people!!!



But it’s a great disease! - I’ll lay in bed and think through stuff or when Im working outside. I mean what else are we going to do…watch that TOXIC tv? - NOT - Guitar and Music!!!


No no no Michael ,I won’t take this hook :smile:

I hope you’re just talking about guitar here :thinking: :grin:

Ooooooo :innocent:

Taking this quote out of context could get me in big trouble :roll_eyes::rofl:
now stop!

Aaaaaa okeee,back to guitar :smile: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Yes …and

:sunglasses: :smiley:

it is what you make of it, it is a choice that TV I use for news once a day and nature/scientific and music documentaries… the risk is in the internet, so important for many people and no Justinguitar without it, but ooooo so easy for \wrong distractions etc etc …I live happily now the way I live with my girl and a little with you here …

Have fun and play that funky music today :smiley: :sunglasses:



No ruffled feathers on my side, all smooth and flat :joy:.


I avvail my self of the faculty of not commenting :joy:
Though…I’m afraid this works for all genres, both human and music ones :joy:

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A trouble shared is a trouble halved :sweat_smile:

Now …my husband gifted me with a beautiful golden :musical_score: for my birthday 2 years ago and made me promise to be always passionate and never obsessed…but ooops…we have different definitions for passion and obsession :joy:


ooo it should be clear that I do have a lot of trouble with that :see_no_evil:

And yes :joy:

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

but very sweet of your husband the gold key gift :sunglasses:



1 July
It’s such a shame that Justin isn’t keeping up with his old times these days :roll_eyes:


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