The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (cover)

wow, what an amazing job, I can’t imagine how much time you put into this!
like many others pointed out, loved the bass particularly. And how more instruments come in and the song gets bigger and bigger.
So cool, great stuff!

@Boris1565, @KevinKevan,
thank you, guys!
It took me about three weeks, but I can’t say exactly how many hours. I did this cover slowly when I had the time and the mood :grinning:

Holy moly!!! Man ya rock! With that twist that makes it your own as well! Bravo! :+1: I have to agree with @LBro from a previous thread, that you are at the tops of the list for recording mastery around these parts!

Your time put in is worth every bit of your effort brother!!!

Keep em coming and we’ll keep on listening!!

Rock on!

thank you so much,
Yes, let’s keep moving on!

Hello Leo! This is probably the best cover of this song I’ve heard, and the vocals and all the instruments sound just great!


That was great Leo, thanks for sharing. :smiley:

WOW!!!@crocodile1 Leo, that is absolutely the best one-man band performance I’ve ever heard. What an amazing performance of instrumentation and vocals. The mix is absolutely awesome!

@MikeSebastianP , @Malz, @oldhead49,
thank you, guys, glad you like it!

I agree the bas on this is awesome, not that there is anything wrong with your guitar playing but the bass sounds fantastic on this. Great cover @crocodile1 :+1:

Thanks Michael!
I try to love all the instruments equally, but for some reason the bass always turns out to be a favorite :grinning: