The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (cover)

Hello everyone!
It turns out that Sympathy for the Devil from the Rolling Stones is a very popular cover song here :slightly_smiling_face:
Recently, @TheMadman_tobyjenner performed his excellent acoustic version of this song (thanks, my friend, for reminding me of it), then we saw a cool country version from @KevinKevan and his Muddy Boots band.
Let me introduce my cover too. I just couldn’t ignore a song that mentions my hometown :laughing:
When recording, I used an acoustic Gibson J-45 custom, a bass Fender Jazz Bass, M-audio Keystation49 keys, a Fender tele-, my favorite modified Ibanez (scalopped fingerboard, Seymour Duncan pickups) and Millennium MD-90 electric drums.
Please listen and comment.


Flowing effortlessly from Cliff to Keef :wink:
An interesting cover, Leo, and once again you put your own stomp on it.
Outstanding feature for me is the bass work here.
Rock on my friend :sunglasses:

Hi Leo,
You have made a beautiful version of your own here…certainly the bass is an important one (the most important point after the some guitar for me), those guitar parts in between are also wonderful and stand out :sunglasses: :clap:

Wau! That was pretty amazing! They way you put everything together here with a lot of respect for the original parts while putting your own spin on it is really impressive!

Superb version! Loved it! The bass sounded awsome :metal::facepunch:

That was quite fun! The first song I listened to this morning (5 a.m.) and it really jump started my day.

Superb production, Leo. Top quality performances, recording, and mixing … as I expect.

Bass definitely a highlight. I liked the use of the muted strums to add percussion in the beginning. Excellent guitar tones.

The solos, both live and studio, are among my favourites. Not shredding, not hard rocking blues but just a feel that I love, the space. Perhaps you rocked a little too hard?

I’d also like to have had the guitar licks and riffs after the first chorus up a little louder in the mix.

These are minor feedbacks, not detracting from my enjoyment of your rendition of a classic.

Hey Leo!
Great tune choice mate! On the intro I liked the come in just after the muted strums! Your vox was interesting throughout and had some real highlights!. Your guitar play(s) was good and the tones worked for me. I guess the crowd went wild at the end at your production. I would have too, had I been part of them!
Take care and keep them coming!

Thanks Brian.
Yes, I like to pull the strings on the bass sometimes :yum:

Thank you for comment.
The skill of the orchestra is determined by its weakest member. That’s why I tried to keep all the instrumets more or less on the same level :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! A good song makes you work carefully with the original :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for good feedback.
Yes, the bass is my favorite instrument.

Thanks! Hope your whole day was nice, too :smile:

Thanks David, it’s always interesting to read your comments.
Maybe you’re right about the guitar’s sound level after the second chorus.
I’m going from fender tele- to ibanez there - I’ll see what I can do there.

Thank you, my friend, great comment!
Yeah, I’ve been working on this cover for 2 weeks.
That “percussion” in the intro is just an acoustic Gibson, two different tracks in the left and right channels.

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Impressive production.

All the guitar and bass lines sounded great. Overall a great take on a classic tune!! Sounds like you had a lot o fun doing this. It was fun to listen to it!!

As others have said, keep 'em coming!!

Stunning piece of work Leo!

Time to dust down the old rocking Croc !!


Great job Leo, loved the bass ! That is such a classic feature of the original and you made it pop.
Top job on the production, man some one has to keep St P rockin !!

Looking for some more magic sir !


That was terrific Leo.
You really added your own flavours and some St Petersburg sauce.

Wow, that was simply great, Leo! :smiley:

I really liked how you made it your own and as many others, the bass stood out to me in a very positive way. Amazing production, lots of layers woven together well. :clap:

Very interesting version, especially production wise

Leo, you made we want to dance… and I don’t dance at 4:30 in the morning :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

What a great way to start my morning, and I think it was exactly your bass playing that made me feel like dancing.

This is your first song I’ve listened to (how can that be?!? Have to find more of your songs)… Let me get this straight… You are playing ALL the instruments yourself? :astonished: :grinning: :astonished:

No constructive feedback from me … just plain: I think you are brilliant, Leo :lion:

An unashamed promotion, since you asked :rofl:

Leo on Soundcloud

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Thanks. This will get me from listening to the song I started working on for the 100ths time… thinking how can I transform that what two guitars are playing into something that would make sense for one (beginner) guitar :smiley:

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@jgottwals, @twistor59, @TheMadman_tobyjenner, @Richard_close2u, @Lisa_S, @LievenDV, @JokuMuu
thank you so much for comments!
It helps me to move on :slightly_smiling_face:


I wasn’t expecting this when I clicked! This sounds like a proper studio song. It is fabulous. How much time it took to record and produce all this?