The Shadows - Apache cover

So my wife said “can you play Apache on the guitar?”. I guess this might be one of the earliest tunes people (in the UK, where The Shadows were popular) learned on guitar years ago. I’ve been trying to get this up to tempo for a few weeks now with a backing track from YouTube and it is fun to play. A few missed notes here and there so still a work in progress. Cheers, Mike (the video is on my OneDrive so hope the link works)


Amazing Mike. For a work in progress thats pretty darn good. Reminds me of my Dad playing his shadows records when I was a kid. Thanks for the listen :smiley:

Really good Mike. You’ve managed to get the tone pretty much spot on.
Only thing missing is the Shadows ‘walk’. :smiley:

Great Mike!

Yeah, however you got your amp dialled in it sounds tasty. Just the right amount of everything :ok_hand: :salt: :hot_pepper:

Ohhh that took me back Mike. You’ve captured the mood and the tone. So cool. I hope your wife was impressed.

Nice one Mike.
Hank’s deceptively simple-sounding lead lines should not be underestimated. They require art, deft touch and no small amount of skill to bring to full life. You’re doing fine as you work on this.

Hey Mike,

Pretty impressive there mate.
Tone, touch, and timing sounded all pretty much spot on.
Cheers, Shane

Brings back memories of me Sat in my bedroom trying to pick the melody out note by note to the record when it was first released. (I’m nearly 81 now).I still have the original record…well scratched!!!.
Great rendition Mike…really enjoyed it …thanks for posting. (and the memories)!!:blush:

Well done Mike, I used to play a lot of Shadows stuff but don’t really do it anymore, I don’t have a Strat type anymore so it wouldn’t quite work.

@Tim_Wilson @sairfingers @liaty @batwoman @Richard_close2u @sclay @lankytwang @DarrellW thanks all for the very kind feedback, I couldn’t replicate the Shadows ‘walk’ unfortunately due to lack of space :grinning:, getting the tone is quite easy with my Positive Grid Spark practice amp, loads of tones can be downloaded direct from their app. Cheers, Mike :+1::guitar:

That was a good effort, Mike. Captured it nicely. I was just waiting for a few steps. You know, the Shadows Walk! :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nicely done Mike. Some sweet playing there.

I’m late to this party, bravo, Mike, that was well done. Tone and feel sounding right on the money. Keep at it and I am sure you’ll get it to the level where you want it in due course.

Nice one Mike,
Very clear what was played there :sunglasses:

@Willsie01 @SgtColon @DavidP @roger_holland thank you for the very positive feedback. Cheers, Mike

Hi Mike,
Vid worked fine for me. Hope the wife is happy with this and your play, as I am. Good job and keep up that practice, for it is paying dividends!

Keep rock’n,

Thanks @LBro :+1:cheers, Mike

Very impressive. I’m inspired to give this a go myself. Well done Mike

Hi Mike, having the tone set up in your gear facilitates it, but It is your playing that makes it happen. Well done. I love The Shadows songs. I have a compilation of hits cassette my parents bought for me in the eighties while them (my parents) were travelling in Europe. Some day I will give it a try to one of The Shadows wonderful songs.


Is it your username because the Showadywady band?

I like their covers. I have a cassette of them.