The Star Of The County Down (with partial capo)

The other day I posted something in the gear page about the partial capo, a capo that covers just the A, D and G strings. I had it lost, I found it back :sunglasses: It’s a cool thing though, on the second fret it sounds like your guitar is tuned in DADGAD, capoed at the second fret with a full capo.
So, here’s an Irish tune. The singing is not good, this particular song is quite hard to sing for a non-English speaker, and I’m not the best singer around :roll_eyes:
I just wanted to show the use of a partial capo. The chords are Em, G and D. If you use a partial capo you’ll kind of have to invent your own chords :wink:


Awesome job!
Love Irish tunes, they are what drew me back to guitar in the first place! :heart_eyes:

Interesting capo to experiment with as well :thinking:

I liked that John, it gave me an olde worlde feeling and what an odd little capo that is.

Super guitar work there John. That was great, you really got the Irish jig feel into your song.
I’ve never heard of a partial capo before. Sounds interesting.

As for the singing, you did well but you’ll need to work on your Irish accent, to be sure, to be sure. :wink:

:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo, fabulous playing and you delivered the vocal with just the right feel, John.

@sairfingers I thought of saying “me” in lieu (and here’s a French word…) of “my”, but Van Morrison doesn’t do that neither. And he’s Irish, so why bother :sunglasses:.