The Stuck 3&4 Chords

That looks fine.
Having your wrist not perfectly straight isn’t that major a concern.
The big thing is that you’re not tilting the guitar up/leaning over the guitar so you can see the fretboard easier, which will result in your wrist being excessively bent.

If you’re unsure if you’re tilting the guitar or not, try standing up with the guitar on a strap. It usually takes a lot more effort to tilt the guitar when stood up, so you’ll soon notice if you have been tilting the guitar.

Good advice. I noticed when I kept the neck horizontal instead of leaning it so I could see the frets it was all a bit easier. Not perfect yet, but certainly much closer to getting a clean chord.


Started the lesson a view days ago, the first time I played these chords I felt for the first time in my life a had a top on my pinky. Man it hurts.

This is happening because you need to work on “finger independence”. Every guitar player has to fight this problem, since moving one finger while keeping all other fingers absolutely still is not something we are born with.

As usual, the fix for this is slow, purposeful practice. SLOWLY move your index and middle finger while FOCUSING your attention on not moving your ring or pinky at all. Don’t strum at all; just focus on your fretting hand finger motions. For the first few weeks, this will seem almost impossible, but after a few months of practicing this for 5 minutes a day, you’ll be doing this easily.

When you get to the point of practicing scales, you’ll use this same kind of exercise to eliminate what many call the “flying pinky”.

Here’s Justin’s lesson on fixing the “flying pinky”. What I described above is simply an adaptation of this exercise for your sticking point.

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Thanks, Eddie! It’s gotten a lot better since I made that post, but the exercise you linked will probably get me to the next level way faster.

Agree, I felt a bit overwhelmed after as you said only learning 1 chord per lesson.

i can’t figure out how to add this to my practice routine

playing songs that has stuck chords in it :slight_smile:

that is not what i mean. There is a section here called ‘Practice Routine’. You used to be able to click on a tab called ‘practice’ and then click on ‘add to my routine’ or something like that… since i can no longer see it, and I can not find it, I do not know how to add this to my online practice routine easily (i did see I can add the url to go to that lesson… but that is not optimal).

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my bad , its a technical issue then , sorry :sweat_smile:

Hi Marilyn @neesah, this catches a lot of students. In Grade 2, Justin encourages us to structure our own practice routines. He does give a suggested practice routine, but we have to create our own specific items and routines now. It seems like a burden at first, but I’ve been doing it for a while now and love mixing things up to match my needs! :smiling_face:

Edit: Oops, I goofed! You are correct, you should still be able to add the routine from the Module 8 Practice Tab. Do I understand that the practice tab does not appear in your browser?

By the way…welcome to the community!

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Ah so my first answer was correct :rofl:

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exactly, i do not see it

OK, hopefully @larynejg can help out. :slight_smile:

Hi @neesah, have you looked under the last lesson of module 8? That’s where you’ll find the practice routine, and you can save it and set it as your active routine with the button at the bottom. Remember, Justin provides a practice routine per module, not per lesson. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for tagging me! Here’s a direct link to the Practice tab. :slight_smile: No changes have been made! Cheers.

ok, thank you!!!