The Stuck 3&4 Chords

Explore and learn to play 9 guitar chords ALL guitar beginners should know :)

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Absolutely LOVED this lesson!


very good lesson, really liked the new chords

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Nice lesson to close out Christmas. Now to create a little muscle memory around it. Cheers from Arizona.

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Hi good to see new folks arriving in the Community.

@Sando33 @Javainius @JakAngelescu tell us a bit about yourselves here :sunglasses:

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This lesson is brutal. 8 new chords dumped in one lesson. Previous individual chords got their own video and a song or two to showcase it for practice.

Yes the 3&4 fingers stay put, but it’s still not easy memorizing both the chord name and finger positions all at once… Took me a few days to soak in. Should be split out into 2 or 3 lessons. Get rid of ‘pick manipulation’ if you think this module runs too long.

There is a lot to get stuck into for sure.
Around about here you want to start thinking of taking longer on the lessons as they will require good practice time and consolidation.
:slight_smile: Cheers
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I have a challenge with these transitions from g-c-d-a in that my G note on the high e string seems to ring out too prominently causing most of these notes to sound the same. I recorded a sound byte and the g note is over bearing. Can anyone help me diagnose the issue here? g-c-d-a 8 Jan, 16.58​.aac - Google Drive

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I really like the sound of those chords. A good example for using some of them - in my opinion - is ‘Dear Mr. President’ from P!nk. There they are used at the end of the pre-chorus and the chorus - at least in the transcription I am using. It really sounds beautiful. Cheers

I am having a hard time preventing fingers 1 & 2 from muting the 5&4 strings on the big g chord. Any suggestions?

So, so useful having these chords in your fingers
Can make some songs so much easier

Ah yes the imposter A and D chords, very SUS


Same for me here … now fighting the gap between pinky and 3rd finger on the big G.
Fingers stick together but after the last joint they split … no clean tone until now :-
Any advice to fix it or will time fix it?


Probably you need to keep your fingers more curved so they don’t mute the adjacent strings.

How important is it to keep fingers 3 and 4 square on to the fretboard? I am finding that they are leaning slightly and I am not using the centre of my finger tips to press the strings. My calluses are developing slightly to one side. Thank you.

Good song for some of these is Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison. Even has some D to Dsus.

@gataloca The very one: Every Rose Has Its Thorn song lesson

If you go to the website song page you can search by Grade, genre and many more filters.

Cheers :smiley:
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Either OMC (One Minute Changes) or PFC - I can’t remember what PFC stands for

PFC = Perfect Fast Changes

For these introductory exercises in the chapter Beginner Grade 2- The Stuck 3 & 4 Cords the song Golden Ring by Eric Clapton fits very well. Maybe you can include that in your songs. That would be great. Greetings from Germany