The Times They Are A'Changing

Cover of Dylan’s The Times They Are A’Changing. Recorded in August of 2020.

The Times They Are A’Changing (SoundCloud)
The Times They Are A’Changing (Dropbox/WAV)

Guitar + vocal.

I’ve previewed all your songs, some more then others and will be returning to listen more. You’re very good Jason.

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Brilliant rendition @J.W.C
I’m a big Dylan fan but I think I preferred your vocal!
Your guitar playing was perfect tbh can’t pick out anything to improve on!
:clap:t2: :clap:t2:

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Excellent performance.
I got a huge impression.
The vocals, as well as the guitar, are on top.

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Thank you. If you have any feedback don’t be shy; constructive criticism is just as welcome as kudos. :slight_smile:

High praise, there, Iain; thank you. I’m a big Dylan fan, too. I was introduced to Dylan when I was boy going through my father’s LP collection, which included all sorts of great music.

Thank you, Leo; I’m glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate that “huge impression” feedback. I try to play music that shares an emotion/feeling/mood, or story, or impression, so it’s gratifying to hear that.

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