The website is slow

Hi guys.

I’m not sure if that’s the best place to report that, but I’ve noticed that the website can be a bit slow. For example loading can take more than 3 seconds on my computer. My guess is that loading user profile/data is a bit on a slow side - I’m not sure how your system is built but I 'm pretty sure that you fetch user data from some database(s). 3 seconds is not the end of the world but it is pretty noticeable.

Some technical details/test: to validate that you can run a simple test using ‘curl’ command:

curl -w "%{time_total}s" -o /dev/null -s shows typically times under 0.5 second.

curl -w "%{time_total}s" -o /dev/null -s -H "Cookie: justinguitar=<cookie value>"- shows typically times over 3 seconds.

The second test passes a session cookie that I wager will trigger some extra processing/data loading on your end (instead <cookie value> one need to pass the real session cookie value, grabbed e.g. from the web browser inspector).

Obviously that’s just my guess what happens - there may be many other reasons for that :wink: . I’m located in Europe/Poland, if that matters (CDNs etc.).

Sometimes I get the message that there are too many users, please try later.

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We know it and work full-time to improve our site speed and stability. Right now, we’re investigating the best server solution for the site. Speed variations might happen for now, but we’re monitoring it and ensuring it’s the best. Thank you, and sorry for the hassle!