Thejoechoi - April 2022 - Trent Tomlinson, Pink Floyd, Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga

I’ve posted a lot this evening. This is the last one. I swear!

Country tune called One Wing in the Fire.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga - Shallow


You certainly were busy, Joe.

Another fine performance.

Away from the forum but not from the guitar :grin: sounded fine to me although not familiar with the original, which is not a bad thing as apparently the first version of a song you listen to will stick with you the most :wink:

Nice, so very nice. Good to hear you Joe.

I really enjoyed that Joe. Some great playing and singing.

Lots of people have posted this one before. So I thought I’d give it a go.

Had a few slip ups here and there but tried to get through it rather than stop and rerecord.


Hey welcome back, Joe, feels like a while. Hope you’ve been keeping well.

Sounded good to me. Interesting listening to the intro solo without the intro riff. Would be great if you either had a looper and recorded the intro riff on a loop to play over or played it through twice and over-dubbed the solo (with or without an inset video).

I haven’t gone back to listen to some of your previous recordings, but I have a sense this recording was a little brighter, not as warm as previous. Of course could be a totally fake recollection.

Good to hear you play and sing again.

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Nicely done, Joe. I really like the fade out outro.

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Joe, I really enjoyed that performance. You make it look so easy. As @DavidP suggests I’d love to see you working with a looper. That would be pure magic.

P.S. what type of guitar is that behind you? I think I’ve only seen you play your lovely J45.

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Hey Joe that was a great one and seems like your guitar haven’t lost the tuning after all :grin: sounded good to me however as others mentioned would like it better with the looper :slight_smile: all the best.

I love this just as it is Joe. I want to hear the purity of your guitar tones in their fullness, unobstructed and uncluttered by the loopy loopy stuff. You play with an eloquent dynamic and sing with a voice that makes it all very complete and satisfying for me.

Yeah, the solo is tricky to play without the intro riff. I don’t have a looper at the moment.

I don’t have any sort of amp that I would play it through. Thought about getting one many times the last few weeks though.

Yeah, I don’t have a looper or any kind of amp at the moment. Thinking of getting one though.

It’s a Martin DCPA4 Dreadnaught Centennial. I’m my learning log I just posted a video of me playing it. Love the J45 and probably play it the most these days. They don’t call it the workhorse for nothing!

That was a tidy bit of playing and singing there Joe. Wonderful.

This one is hard to sing and play for me. Probably need to play along and sing with the record over and over again to practice.


I have had a few attempts with this one. I had to give it up for now. I found it extremly difficult. I have found that every thing lady gaga is involved with is close to impossible for me to sing and play.
i just cant find the right tone. And i certainly dont want to go up high like she does :rofl:

I liked your take on it Joe!
The guitar sounded sweet, nicely played.
Well done!

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Beautiful and hard to cover song.
You’ve got a great live performance, just gotta polish some particularly difficult parts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Joe, I’m all in admiration for you even trying to sing both parts while playing it. You"re pushing all in the right direction so big applause from me.

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From my point of view and play-grade, just fabulous, Joe. I noticed in the picked part how you kept time with head and right-hand in the voice only parts. Your tone and touch when finger strumming is also an example to follow.

Really enjoyed the fingerstyle. What a hard one to play! Thanks for the share Joe

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