Theoldman66 migrating from the old forum

Well, after starting to post on the forum less than a month ago, it seems to be time to up sticks and move here. Rather than typing all my info again, my original introduction post is at: Introduce yourself ...

As I mentioned there, I’ve been taking time out to go through the “Production Basics with Andy G” Course , I’m about half way through at the moment, so I should be ready to post some more recordings early next year, at greatly improved (technical) quality


Good to see you coming over, @theoldman66 .

As I recall you had a preference for using only a nickname. If I am right you probably want to go to your profile in preferences to remove your real name.

Look forward to the recordings to come. That production course was a pretty good intro.

Welcome old man. It will be fun to see your new productions.

Welcome to the new community

Hi Ian, glad you made it. Welcome :grinning:

What the hell, it’s out there now. Anyway, this community seems to be a remarkably troll-free environment.

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Well I will just say Welcome Ian Theoldman and cover both basses. Good to see you here.
BTW that link to the old introduction will have a limited lifespan, as the old forum environment will eventually be shutdown. Maybe not for several months but you may consider a cut and paste to here, especially the “how long” element.



Thanks Toby. I’ve copypasted the old intro post into my profile here

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