Theory course

I’m on grade 2 mod 13, should I also start the theory course or will I learn enough theory as I move through the grades??

I think I started learning theory around that time Adrian. If I found that I couldn’t understand what I was learning I just pulled back for a while until it clicked.

Yeah I’m finding that there’s more info to swallow.
Stop the lessons and move on with the theory???
Do you find you jump back and over between the 2

Don’t stop with the lessons Adrian. You will find that parts of the theory that seem now like a foreign language will make sense later on. Skip back to the theory when you feel ready and you will find it start to make sense.

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If you have time theory can be started at any time. But if you’re pressed for time to learn the guitar put the theory off don’t stop practicing your guitar lessons. All theory does is helps you understand music it doesn’t teach you how to play. Practicing makes you a better player.

Is theory good to know? Yes. Is it essential to learning guitar? No The nice thing is you can learn theory with out your guitar so if you have time at lunch break or if you take a bus or train to work this is a good time. But don’t stop you guitar lesson to learn it.