Theory zoom class

There is to be the first of the Theory classes by zoom tonight and according to the original email I should get a link a day before. I have registered for this but haven’t received the link for the class.

Me too @Stuartw I need to know soon. Time zone differences mean Ill have to be up and logging in just after 3:30am my time :dizzy_face:


Could any of the Admins or Moderators Assist us please?

I will contact Justin and Laryne asap. I am meeting them both in several hours but hope to get a message sent / replied to before that.
Bear with me.

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I have not received the Zoom link either. I did receive this notification 4 days ago. So add me to the list of those without a Zoom link.


Teething troubles.

Laryne is sending the link any moment now.


Thanks :+1:

You are hard core!

I would love to join, but it is in the middle of my work day. I’ll catch the video later.

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It’s 3am for me! :frowning:



2 am here in SE Asia. Still waiting for a Zoom link tho’.

Just received it! 14:20 London Time

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Link received! See you later :blush:

Anybody else still not received the link?

Did you register after receiving the initial email sent to all theory subscribers?

Hi Richard,

Yes I replied to the form several days ago. But now you’ve made me think on it I can’t be 100% sure I actually finished it though I believe I did. :thinking:

Oh well, if the invite arrives then great but if not I’ll watch the video when it’s published and make sure I get the next invite right!



Have fun everybody!

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I’ll see everyone there :grinning: I got the link this morning and the class happens to be on my lunch break, so it worked out nicely for me.

Looking forward to it.

Hi Richard
I did register after receiving the email. But didn’t get the link. (checked my spam folders in both email addresses).
That’s ok though, I know it would have already started (it’s 5am here so I only just checked when I woke up). I’ll watch the videos :slight_smile:

I’m another that didn’t receive the link.

I did receive an email on Friday saying I would get the link 24hrs before but unfortunately haven’t seen it.