There's something about the blues module I like!

Took a whole two days for me to ingest and practice all lessons once. The most challenging I have found any module so far. I also wasn’t enjoying it all that much but was following everything so it would help me get better at the things I would like to be able to do in the future.
However, once I got to the end of the blues improv and the 12 bar shuffle riff videos, it all suddenly clicked and now it has become my favourite module so far!


Ey. I’m just kind of starting at the module. Still Working on chord changes for the 7th dominant chords to get a good groove playing the chord progressions. However, as you say, the 3 min improvising are very enjoyable.

What I’m struggling is with the songs to practice. Seems that all the ideas Justin gives are far our current level. However one that he doesn’t mention as a song to practice (I think) is Before you accuse me (he talks about it for the 12 bar fast change, though. How are you doing your song practice?

I’m wondering, as well, if there are more blues rhythms like the shuffle one to learn. To get a bit more of repertoire to jamming with someone

Hey Rumil… I’m doing that through the songs app. I am able to strum the basic blues pattern on sweet home Chicago, more or less. It’s one of my favourite songs so that was something special. It’s a long song and I had already played more than an hour at that point so did not explore further. Will be trying out other songs and see how it goes and post here.

And yes the songs do seem intimidating at first with a fast beat :smiley:

By the way when did you start out with the course?

I see. I’m not an app user. So I can’t benefit from that :sweat_smile:. Sweet home Chicago is such a great tune. Really loved when exploring Justin’s Spotify Blues List (never really heard blues before).

I started with Justin the 14th of August of 2020 :blush: Do you know your guitar-versary?

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