They call me Ace - Original song by LBro

Thanks to all that commented! I think I replied to all. If by chance I missed you, just drop me a line and I will see to it you get a proper response!


Another top notch production sir! I would sure like to see you play guitar but that’s just me and my love of raw and organic music. Sounded real good and a very creative original track. Well done!

Hi Clint,
Noted on a video showing guitar play. I will try and work that in. Got some surgery coming up on the fretting thumb and I am limping along till then. So it well may be after that. Can’t see showing myself through a whole original strumming chords. Perhaps a bit of that and the lead solo might work.

Hey, I want to thank you for your comment on video filters. Prompted me to look at what my video editor had and I have most likely all of what you got going! Thus, when I do show playing, I might be turning those filters back at you!

Be well and take care!

Sorry, LBro, that it has taken me so long to comment. You did a good job on this original. I love the Top Gun references. Fantastic movie! Cool video. I really liked the part on the video around :50.

I do agree with the comments about cadence, phrasing… Maybe add some lyrical rhythm beats of some kind when you write your next original. But honestly, what do I know. I’m not really a songwriter.

All in all, well done!

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Hi Pam,
A sorry not needed, we all get busy with life! Thanks for the comments and spin of this one!

I think I pretty much flushed out the verse phrasing issue. I knew after the foundation of the song was set, that the words dragged out too much in those verse areas. I think from the get go, the tempo of the song was too slow at 100bpm. Live and learn I guess.

You take good care!

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