Thick part of string comes out after Pin - Problem or not?

Hey Guys I got a question. I started playing 3 weeks ago and today I decided to change the strings for the first time. (Thanks Justin for the good tutorial :slight_smile: )
It is a Fender CD-140 SCE Sunburst.
With the strings I had in the beginning it looked almost the same and now after I changed from Fender DuraTone 80/20 .012 - .052 to Elixir Nanoweb Light Phosphor Bronze I can clearly see the “thick part” of the string again.
Is it something I should be concerned of and it could cause problems or is it no problem at all?

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile: Have a good day :blush: :guitar:

Hi Felix,

This has happened to my acoustic guitars as well, but it hasn’t made any difference. Just keep an eye on the pins when changing strings and tightening them, as Justin also says.


Okay, thanks for the fast answer and help @Jozsef :slight_smile:

I tried to feel the balls at the end after i put the pins in and i think with my absoloute beginner knowledge they are on the right places and the pins did not push out after tuning it. Was just worried that i could damage something and therefore i thought it would be better to ask :innocent:

Not a problem unless it extends past the saddle, this would definitely be an issue and you would need to sort it out (probably try going back to the original strings).

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