Thin Lizzy - Waiting for an Alibi

Hi guys,

Here is a new track from me, covering one of my favorite Thin Lizzy songs - Waiting for an Alibi, from the Black Rose album. In just 3:30 there is just so much cool guitar going on. I think Gary Moore was on fire with this one! Always loved that solo, and especially that harmonized dual-guitar part that closes the solo off. Just awesome! (And pretty difficult to play as well). Much to like in this one for lovers of rock and harmony guitar lines :slight_smile:

Anyway, here is it:

And, for those who likes to listen closer to just the guitar parts, here is a mix with just my parts:

Have a nice weekend!



Great stuff kasper as I’m starting to see is always the case with you.

Definitely something to aspire to; Love the lead in this!

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Hi Kasper,

Sounds brill - you just are part of the song.
Gazza was on fire - but often was. Such a great player.
You’ve done him and the song great justice.


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Hello Kasper,
that was fantastic. I love the guitar only recording :star_struck:. Thanks a lot for sharing :grinning:.

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Absolutely brilliant Kasper on all counts!


What a professional cover :ok_hand: :metal::metal:.

I’d like, though, to see some AVOYP of yours that actually is a Video :slight_smile: . To get inspired and try to copy a bit from you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks! Yes, I’m actually quite often considering making video posts instead of just audio - but I always end up working on songs with soooo many layers and parts that I have no clue how to put together the video in a format that makes sense. I’m pretty good with Reaper for audio, but my video editing skills are non-existent. In this song there are sections with 5 different parts going on at the same time - not sure how to present that? 5 small pictures?!? Or just switching back and forth between the main parts (but in the case of harmony lines, what is the main part even).

Perhaps I’ll find a simpler track next time and record some video :slight_smile:

In any case, thanks for the feedback!

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Just one word for it… maybe two; It Rocks! If you were looking to get a move on, this song is it. I had never heard this TL song prior. Great tune for sure. I only know their main hits… whatever that takes in? Great solo runs too!

All the best,

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Hi Kasper,
A bit sloppy and also a bit out of t… Nooo, :joy:…How great, incredibly well played, and even better to hear on your guitar only recordings, very nice that you did that earlier and now adds again,…It makes me jealous in a (healthy) way,…but it’s mainly admiration, :sunglasses: :grin: :clap: :bouquet: :man_bowing: :man_bowing: :man_bowing:

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great! i’m looking forward to it :blush:

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Yeah that was awesome. Really liked the guitar only recording to hear the rhythm/lead interplay, which is harder to hear in the full mix.

I thought it was 2 parts… but you say 5? Wow. 5 simultaneous parts?

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That was insanely good! Are you a professional musician?

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Well, only a short section has 5 parts :wink: But there are always two different rhythm parts, panned left and right, going on. Then on top there are many places with a dual-part harmony - so two parts, again panned left/right, four in total.
The solo starts as one stereo part on top of the rhythm guitars , but for the second half it splits out, again, into two harmonies.
The place with 5 simultaneous parts just around 3:00 where the final high harmony kicks in, panned dead center, on top of the rhythm and two main harmonies…

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Thanks! No, just a (dedicated) hobbyist… but have played a long time :wink:

This kind of stuff is why it’s so hard to sound like the recording. Wow.

Brilliant, Kasper. The whole thing was great and man, you know how to play that guitar. Awesome!

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