Thinking of our friends suffering from the dislocated polar vortex

Stories of stupidly cold sub-zero temperatures, deep, deep snow drifts, loss of power and all sorts of life-threatening hazards are coming out of the North American continent just now.

I hope all our community friends caught in this winter storm are keeping safe and well.

Sending thoughts, hugs and good wishes.


Thanks Richard. We had a few brutally cold days here in Chicago. Friday morning I cleared the snow in front of our house , the temperature was -22c with a windchill of-38c. It looked beautiful outside and we had a white Christmas but too cold for the kids to play in it. A perfect excuse to stay inside and play some guitar though :sunglasses:


It makes you appreciate a well insulated house. Denver has not been so bad at all. One day -10 to -15 F overnight, low single digits (F) for a couple of days. Not really that unusual here. Hit 60F and sunny yesterday. Melting.

I hope those hit harder are doing ok. Scary stories out of upstate NY, super cold for areas of Texas (where they certainly aren’t used to it), and the upper Midwest, always an icebox, but dramatically so!

Sure glad I wasn’t flying Southwest Airlines out of Denver this past weekend! I hope they get it together. We have a flight with them Friday!

Stay safe! Add insulation to your house! Lots of pictures of frost invading indoors from the cold. A well insulated house saves a ton of energy and is more comfortable winter and summer.

My wife built and designed our house. Super insulated, triple pane windows, energy recovery ventilation, geothermal heat pump and solar. We pay $5 a month in energy bills all year and the house was a comfortable 75F when it was minus 10 F outside. Of course we paid a lot up front….no free lunch here.


Yes, Richard,… :pensive:
And that’s what I was thinking too when I ‘complained’ this morning about it being 10c+ with rain here for days,…and probably we’ll be complaining again in the summer when it’s a time of 30+ as in other parts of the world the half country is on fire with 40c+ and/or whole parts are underwater again … sorry about that in advance , …

But for now for everyone who needs it …We wish you the best and be careful with yourself and look after your neighbors :crossed_fingers:


We dodged the bullet here further northeast of the great lakes on this one except for the heavy rain and high winds ,
power outages from trees falling on the lines. We did get
walloped with 20 inches (51cm) heavy wet snow the previous week to this one which took a day to dig out from but that was minor compared to what just happened west of here.

Yeah it looks pretty rough over in the USA even Texas etc freezing.

28 degrees c and sunny right now…

It has left Minnesota. Our temperature right now is 37° F. That’s balmy for Minnesota in late December.