Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’ve been working on a few songs and here is one of them. Sorry about it being back to the phone but for now until I’ve got my little music room set up it’s just a hassle getting everything out.

A few mistakes here and there but I’m blaming ye olde red light fright as normally I don’t make this many mistakes.

Anyhow it’s the way it goes. I hope you peeps enjoy and comments and critique welcome.


Forget about apologizing about being back to recording on the phone. That to me was a very good example of how you can get a good recording using just a phone. It came across as a superb intimate performance, really nice playing and singing. Well done mate, you earned yourself a few :beers:

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I agree with James. Performances can be over produced and hide the actual guitar playing. You did come across as having a connection with the audience even though it’s a video. Well done.

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Nice job Stefan. Sung superbly.

That was superb Stefan! Loved every second of that. Your vocals were spot on and I really enjoyed the percussive hits and the dynamics you used throughout. Top class!!! :sunglasses:

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Sounding good Stefan and nice balance between vox and guitar so the phone is working fine.
Songs by Ed are not on my go to list but what ever you were doing it sounded good to me,

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That was sweet. I also enjoyed the tone of your voice and singing. The part at 2:07 looks very fun to play. :smiley: Sounds like a challenging song to play too, with interesting chords, percussive hits, a cool rhythm, and some quick chord changes too. I found the audio quality very good.

Since you explicitly asked for critique. I’d personally try to eliminate any hesitations/pauses. Maybe also practice with a metronome to be even more on time. But what do I know? If I tried singing and playing this at the same time, I’d be completely lost. :smiley: So great job, very impressive. :slight_smile:

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Hello Stefan, wow, wonderfully played and sung :clap::+1::smiley:. There was such a beautiful, relaxed flow. I enjoyed it very, very much :star_struck:.

:astonished: That looks incredibly difficult :see_no_evil:. Definitely no easy song. So we’ll done, Stefan :hugs:.

Stefan really stellar job, this a pure example of how well simple setup can work and I am sure Clint will be coming down here soon to agree on that all the best Stefan!

That was outstanding Stefan! Beautifully played and sung, great job mate.

Excellent performance and recording, Stefan, nothing to apologise for there.

Super impressed by the relaxed gentle way you produced the percussive hits.

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Super performance Stefan. Again it proves that a simple recording technique that doesn’t require a degree in astro physics is totally effective. :smile:

That looked a difficult song to sing and play with the percussive strumming and vocal phrasing. You nailed it my friend. I thought your guitar play and vocal were excellent.

Don’t mention mistakes in your intro. All that does is make people look out for them when they would have otherwise gone unnoticed. :grinning:


Very interesting insight. I took Physics as my Bachelor Degree :grin:
It’s so enjoyable to see you play live guitar and singing, Stefan. Great job!

Wow…I listened till the end and really enjoyed it! You sing beautifully , and I loved the fingerstyle technique too (I’ll copy that I think :blush::innocent:) Bravo!! :clap::clap::clap:

Hi Stefan,

That was sweet,… wonderfully played and fantastically sung :clap: :sunglasses: :man_bowing: :bouquet:
…,…,…a good wine does not need a wreath…,…, :wink:

Well done sir!

My wife looked over my shoulder while this was playing and asked, “is that one of your guitar buddies?” I said yeah, “He’s a bud.” You just picked up a subscriber. That’ll get you up on the big screen mister. :slight_smile: Nice share!

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@sairfingers though who knows how it may have been of value to Brian May :laughing:

Just leg-pulling, a modern smart phone, well positioned does a more than acceptable job for sharing recordings here.

But for those interested a degree in astro physics is not required as I scraped through first year physics, benefiting from a moderation curve :laughing:

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Ahh. So that’s why you’re a moderator. :smile:

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@Socio Thanks for the listen, comments and the beers James. They will go down a treat. I’m glad it came across like that, I’m trying to not think about the mechanics of a song once I’ve learned it to a decent standard but thinking about the lyrics of the song and who I may be singing it to.

@stitch Thanks for the listen and comments Rick.

@MiJoy Thanks for the listen and comments Mick.

@Eddie_09 Thanks Eddie, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the listen and comments.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Not normally my first choice Toby but there are a few of his I quite like. Thanks for the listen and the comments.

@kamkor I have to say, the changes at 2.07 can be a challenge, especially with the first one being a Bm. Thanks for the feedback Kamil. It’s an odd rhythm so I think I’ll not bother with a metronome but try a play along to the original. Thanks for the listen and the comments.

@NicoleKKB Thanks Nicole, I’m glad you enjoyed. Thank you for the listen and the comments.

@adi_mrok Thanks for the listen and the comments Adi. I’ll try a few more on my phone until I get my little room set up.

@DavidP Thanks David. I’m trying to be more relaxed in my playing and I find it easier to do when I am. Thanks for the listen and the comments.

@sairfingers Thank you Gordon. I’ll remember in future not to mention an errors I do. I need to stop being self-critical :smiley: . Thanks for the listen and the comments.


@DarkWillowTM Thank you for the listen and comments Vincent.

@SILVIA I’m glad you enjoyed it Silvia. Thank you for the listen and the comments.

@roger_holland Oooooo, flowers, thank you :smiley: Maybe I should start taking a bow at the end of my songs? Thanks for the listen and the comments Rogier.

@CT Wow! Thank you very much for the subscribe Clint. I hope it’s not to overwhelming seeing me on the big screen. Thanks for the listen and the comments.