Thinking out loud solo

I first picked up a guitar at 20 after a while i could play the basic chords and a solo badly but without someone to follow i gave up.
I have watched justins videos for years until towards the end of last year i decided to actually put in some practice.
I know it’s not perfect (only been practicing it since yesterday), there are a few mistakes but over all i am pleased and will continue to keep on practicing.


Welcome to the Community, David, and enjoyed your solo.

Normally to embed a video you just paste the URL on a new line. You do have to make sure that the ability to embed is turned on, which I think is an advanced setting on the first step in YT when uploading a video.

I also don’t know if it works the same for YT shorts.

Thanks, it was the shorts that stopped it working

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You have every reason to be pleased David. I do hope you continue and share your progress with us. Welcome to the community.

That was a sweet bit of playing there David. I can’t believe that is only 1 day’s practice. I’m looking forward to your full version.

It’s so great that you’re feeling re-inspired to play guitar! Thanks for sharing your playing with us. As a total newbie it’s really inspiring for me to see what’s possible with some practice too, so thank you. Enjoy the practice and the music. :slight_smile:

That was great, loved the expression in your playing.

Sounds great David, I’d take that in a heartbeat!!
Welcome, will be awesome to hear more from you :+1:

Nicely done, David.