Thinkness of Guitar Body

I keep switching between my electric and acoustic guitars and find I’m a lot more comfortable with the thickness of the electric guitar body being thin, especially when standing.
I’m thinking about hunting around for a thin body acoustic guitar.
Has anyone else come across the same issue and are there any issues wtih thin body acoustic guitars?

The depth of the body of my Taylor makes it so that I can’t play it standing up, while I play my electric standing up all the time. However, it was pointed out that even guys like Bonamassa and Clapton sit down when the acoustic comes out, so I stopped letting it bother me.

A thinner body on an acoustic makes for less resonance, so less volume and less bass. A decidedly “thinner” sound to go with the thinner body.

How long have you been playing?

Not something I would worry about but there are thin electric acoustics like the fender acoustisonic etc

I played a Yamaha FS800 for a couple of years which had a slim body and I really liked it. Pretty decent value for money as well.

I’ve also find slimmer guitars much more comfortable to play. Though I own a dreadnaught acoustic I can’t play it for long before getting a sore shoulder. In contrast I mostly play an electro-acoustic nylon string guitar that doesn’t cause the same issue. Yes, I need to have it plugged in but I see that as a bonus as it’s given lots of opportunity to experiment with tone and pedals. I found myself looking at the comparative depths of guitar bodies, the lower bout (widest part of body) and also the radius of the neck which may of caused me stretch around. It’s all quite personal. For me though, paying attention to these have helped with reducing back pain even though my overall position is still a work in progress and not fully dialled in.

My girlfriend just bought one of these, and she’s very happy with it. Extremely good value, and sounds nice.

It’s easier to play standing up than my larger bodied Martin.

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I just bought my second guitar after learning my first year on a Fender entry level dreadnought, which I find large and cumbersome for my relatively small frame. My new guitar is an Alvarez AF60 concert size acoustic-electric. At a 24.8" scale and 4.2" body depth, it is much more playable for me and I am making faster progress with less frustration. Sure, the sound may be thinner, but I am just playing in my house for myself and it puts out plenty of good sound for me.


Here’s the info you need, The Yamaha APX is a nice easy to play guitar!

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Great guitar. I too bought one. Love it