This Ben's Learning Log

Not sure what this should look like so just going to freestyle.

I’m in Beginner Grade 2 module 13: The Blues - I’ve been looking forward to this one as Justin says - the blues is just fun to play along with.

I’ve been using the app for practice etc but I remembered this weekend that the website dashboard is really good so practiced tonight using the website and Justin’s reassuring videos in the background!

I dare not ask for my wife’s review but I feel like I get the chunka chunka part even if my fretting hand is a bit inaccurate. I’ll add perfect fast changes.

The solo is tricky in terms of timing. Counting as well feels like to much going on at once. Best slow it right down.

My aim is to let this one sit and have some fun with it before moving on.


Good on you for starting a learning log, Ben. Freestyle is fine.
The Blues is a good place to hang around for a while and it sounds like you’re enjoying it.

Yep, slow the solo down. Better to play it well slow than fudge it fast. You’ll speed it up as you get the hang of it.
It’s a good idea to break it down into sections and keep repeating each section.
It should be played with a chunka rhythm but it’s okay to practice it with a straight rhythm at first to help you get the timing.

Have fun with it! :guitar:

I dare not ask for my wife’s review either but the other day she snuck in while I was improving and offered it anyway. To my delight she was impressed. Stick with it!

You are doing good starting a learning log. Later you can look back and see the progress you have made. I am in Grade 3, but currently reviewing Grade 2 and I just started reviewing the lessons for Module 13 Blues today. It is a great module and has so much to add to your guitar playing. I am planning on recording all my blues practice on my phone, upload to YouTube as unlisted videos and link in my learning log to record my progress. Have fun learning to play the blues.

Practice has been very sporadic lately due to work and family commitments but I generally feel like I’m pretty much there with the blues lesson.

I was feeling brave and recorded my practice on the solo although I’ve failed in uploading that so far!

I find I can do most things in practice ok but when piecing them together it gets a bit messy. I also find when things get fast I really struggle. I love hide your love away but can’t get near anything that sounds much like music at full bpm.

All good fun!

Hi Ben, I struggle too when I speed things up, so I find the answer is to play slow and then slowly speed it up. I remember reading some famous guitarist say that the best way to play fast is to play slow until your slow playing is great and then speed up when you can play without having to think of what you are playing. I am realistic that I’ll never be really fast just practicing 40 min/day but as long as I am having fun I am happy at any speed. :slight_smile:

I am curious, are you uploading your solo to a YouTube account or SoundCloud account?

BTW - Thanks for taking the time to look at my latest LL post.

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Sage advice I think, although I find it hard to be that patient!

Naively I thought I might just be able to upload. Is YouTube and link the best bet?


You should be able to upload a video to YouTube if you set up and log into your account. When you “check your account” in the drop down it asks if you want to upload the video.