This G7 performance 3 capo isn't it overpriced?

So today I got my Gold G7 performance 3 capo for my acoustic guitar thinking I got some thing special but for heaven’s sake I have absolutely no idea why this has been priced so high.

All advertisements I saw seemed to me you could apply this capo easily on your guitar with a little force but when I try it , it is not that so easy have to apply force, buzzing happens and I need to do the further adjustments.

Oh man all those advertisement in youtube :frowning:

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That’s marketing for you. But make the most of it now you’ve shelled out a kings ransom !

Hehehe… see what you mean :grin: its not that bad when you get used to it, but yes, needs some force to attach and get clean sound. My other capos is easier to use.

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I googled this capo, and it’s coated with 18 carat gold? I guess that’s why it’s so expensive! Not because it’s better at being a capo


But this is the most ‘futuristic and innovative’ capo in the world.
You need more? :rofl:

Well, I returned mine immediately, called the seller, and told him I will buy-equivalent money other stuff and I did. I got myself Shubb capo and other stuffs. wise spending :slight_smile:

Hahahaha!!! @brianlarsen
Nah. Its enough with the most innovative one :rofl:
Luckily it followed a guitar deal, would have been a bit cranky myself if i bought this full retail :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Overpriced capos are like expensive metronomes. Marketing says if it’s more expensive it must be better. It’s not. Best to return it if it only looks better, but not functionally better.

I suspect that is the case. Although gold plating is actually relatively cheap in reality, but it allows the vendor to jack the price up.