This is… Anvil

If you enjoyed Spinal Tap but would like to see the real deal of a long life in a rock band trying to make it, have a look at Anvil! The Story of Anvil
Just in case you think it’s a spoof/manufactured band, it features Slash, Lemmy, Lars Ulrich and many more.
There’s even a Stonehenge scene :rofl:

Not sure what platforms you can get it on- I watched it here :sunglasses:


Nope…I didn’t really like it that much :grimacing:…hopefully this one is better :sweat_smile:

But I can’t watch it…can’t get through the virus scanner…what the heck you want us to watch? :grimacing:

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Ah, that doesn’t really surprise me, as the film lived solely off the comedy script, which would lend itself very poorly to translation.
My spam filter is obviously set at a much lower level than yours.
I presume that’s why you only respond to a tiny fraction of my posts. I’m obviously being ‘filtered out’ :rofl:

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no I mean that spinal tap… I can’t see the film at all,…

I have no trouble reading and just talking in English,…singing and sometimes a little,…words from Maggie (I already told her ), and you, sometimes Toby…and let me certainly not forget Richard :speak_no_evil:. …with you people words go into the translation machine more than more than once a week :blush:… But I will confess right away that when I speak Dutch or type long sentences in Dutch, many Dutch people often do not follow me … …and actually it’s not quite clear to me if I was unclear in the first message, or if you’re just confusing me now :thinking:

But then I get even more tedious…(long chatter),…and reacting to everything is quite tiring for others, right? and let’s not forget the most important thing … you already mention it yourself, I have a self-learning computer so indeed…


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Will check it out, some solid names (understatement alert!) in there!

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Is this the documentary about the band where the singer has to work as a truck driver or something? I remember watching it about a decade ago. People laugh at them, but having released 18 albums, they surely never give up. Need to rewatch it and give them a listen again. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Our lead guitarist was talking about this recently, got to see this!

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@roger_holland Oh my, so many words in this salad… I’m not sure quite what to make of it, but it’s delicious :laughing:

@Notter Well worth the watch if you get the time

@glpguitar That’s exactly the one. I love a good documentary. Hoop Dreams (basketball) was one of my favorites :smiley:

@LievenDV Just make sure you’re in a solid frame of mind. It doesn’t really depict making it in the rock world as a bed of roses… :rofl:


Yeah I saw it several years ago, great watch! Inspiring and depressing all at the same time! :joy:
Many consider them pioneers in the early days. I’m a fan of some of their stuff for sure :metal:
Thanks for sharing, have to re-watch it! :slight_smile: :+1:
I wonder how they’re getting on now? :thinking:

Ah yes, a good ol Canuck Band / Film

The link didn’t work for me Brian. All I got was some sad news about Jeremy Clarkson (quite impossible I suspect) and boobies. :star_struck:

I love boobies!




Someone stepped on his blue suede booties… :laughing: