This is so true "Blocking Thing"

Rick Beato is fantastic talks about relative stuff and like Justin so knowledgeable.


Thanks for shearing. Yeah. He is a pretty cool guy, that i forgot to subscribe… but that is fixed now :grin:

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I’ve just been watching this video and was going to start a thread! Well worth people watching who visit these forums and share their recordings. You could spend weeks / months learning a track from say The Eagles or Guns N Roses only to have it immediately taken down when you upload it to YouTube (taken down, not just de-monetised).

So very hostile to their fans :man_shrugging:

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Very true I have learnt a AC/DC trac and was pleased with myself and wanted to attempt to share with you all but if its blocked before I even get a view on here what’s the point.
He also makes anther valid point in that if they stop making content or allowing likes of us to learn to play they will be forgotten :frowning:

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But I wonder, if a channel is not monetised, if the user juat uploads content for the fun of it without profiting, would there still be claims?

I doubt it.

So for us, regular folks, who don’t live off of youtube by reproducing someone else’s IP it makes no difference. Does it?

Actually, they probably would still block it.

A lot of it is automated, and they don’t care whether it’s a large, monetised channel or a small one with no followers.



I see.
I’ve no idea how the system works but it sure seems broken. Or biased at the very minimum…
It’s a shame…

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