This is where I am

Glorious Scotland.

I never take selfies (well, maybe twice in my life), but this was a must.


Richard @Richard_close2u
I think you are going to have to do a AVOYP version of it now.


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Where is your guitar?

Have fun!

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That place exists? Never knew untill now. Another thing learned today. Thank you.

all music lovers: “oh cool”
rest of the world: “saywhat?”


Have fun Richard :smiley:


Nice photo. Enjoy.

If I recall, Paul lived there for a good few years with Linda.

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Have you got any plans to visit Penny Lane or Abbey Road? :slight_smile:

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I agree, that definitely required a selfie! Nice pic :slight_smile:

Enjoy your well deserved break :sunglasses:

This is where I was - in London three years ago - and this was across the river from my AirBnB…

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I see you took the weather with you. Enjoy.

Lovely picture, Richard, enjoy the time up north.

Beautiful place! Glad to see the weather isn’t too wet for you!
Enjoy your stay in bonnie Scotland! :grin:

I’m not there now.
Back home.
Thank you all, Mrs C and I had a wonderful week.