This Must Be the Place - my Open Mic for May!

I’ve decided to focus on the songs the past couple of Open Mic cycles (as opposed to the playing live aspect of the Open Mic which is an amazing experience but after a couple in a row i needed a mental break), but still trying to keep up with the same pace of having a new song I can add to my repertoire every 4-6 weeks or so.

This one took me a while to get my head around as the original has so many different parts to choose from. I ended up with what I thought was a very simple approach - just focus on one chord progression the entire time and mix it up a bit with chord choices and alternating between fingerstyle and light strumming. The main inspiration is from a cover done by Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell.

Figuring out the vocal approach also took a while as did figuring out which guitar to play it on. Anways - here it is as of today :). The great thing about this song is I can continue to tinker with it for years and years, but at least now I feel like it’s one I can add to my toolbelt.


Beautiful play and vocal. Luv it :star_struck: :+1: :sunglasses: :pray:

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One of my fave talking heads songs and you certainly did it justice, great cover :clap: :v:

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That was really cool, Jesse, super enjoyed that! :clap: :star_struck: Missed you on the OM, but great to hear you’ll still be putting out these songs for us to enjoy :slightly_smiling_face: I am such a fan of your vocals, really love the tone and vulnerability in your voice and each time I think you’re about to stretch a bit too far, you rein it in superbly. Well done mate! :sunglasses: :+1:


Thanks Jeff @nzmetal ! I appreciate the comments and support. It took a while to figure out how I wanted to do it - made some game day decisions too (like switching from an OM to a dread and that was actually the first time I ever did the ending like that :upside_down_face:) but that’s what keeps me on my toes I guess.

I do plan on getting back to one of the OMs soon - such a great community and I really enjoy and am inspired by seeing others progress and bring so much variety and talent as they share their hard work and passion.

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Hello Jesse, that was beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
I love the changes between your strumming and picking techniques. Kept the melody interesting throughout the whole song.

I also enjoyed your vocals. That’s definitely no easy song to sing. But you did great.
You can be really proud of you having this new song under your belt now :smiley:.

Thanks @NicoleKKB - it was the changes that kept me from landing this one - so many options to choose from given all the different melodies incorporated into the original. Gave me a whole new appreciation for the genius of the Talking Heads!

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