This weekly announcement is late, but it brings Song Filter improvements!

Hey, Community!

How are you all doing?

Here - very busy as always, so I’m sorry for this delayed update! I was supposed to do it last Friday but I was just so busy that I just now got to it. Justin’s back from Australia but about to leave for the Italy Workshops, so we’ve been trying to get a lot done while he’s around. A few updates:

Song Filter

Great news this week is that we improved your song filter on the All Songs page! You can now filter songs and navigate the results and your filter will stay there. Much better, eh? And if you’re a JustinGuitarTabs subscriber, it’s easier to find your tabs and chords/lyrics now - so enjoy it!

700 Songs Giveaway!

Also, we’ve fixed some issues with the Giveaway pool, and now you see a confirmation button that we’ve processed your request. :slight_smile: You can enter the giveaway until the end of this week - the last day is September 25, 2022, so hurry up!

Now - I do have a meme this week, and a question. Is the barre chord struggle real?! :sweat_smile:

Have a great week, everybody!
Laryne & Team


Better late than never Laryne and some great improvements announced.

Just tested out filtering, awesome! This and “middle clicking”/being able to open songs in a new tab were my most wanted features. This works perfectly!

Thanks for fixing the entry page. I was wondering if I had entered or not - yep!

What do mean by middle clicking?