Thomann sale on TC electronic Polytune clip-on

Check this sale on the TC Electronic Polytune clip-on tuner!


For real though that tuner is amazing, I went through many tuners when my old Snark broke and the Polytune is by far the best.

I decided to go for the Peterson clip on, I thought that the display was easier to resolve - just a personal opinion!

[Peterson StroboClip HD – Thomann UK]

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I dig those strobe tuners, too. I have a Sonic Research strobe tuner on my pedal board. My clip-on tuners are Snarks and Korgs, though. Not necessarily because I like them better, they’re just what I’ve acquired over time.

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I’ve got one of the TC Polytune pedals which is great. Also have a couple of different clip ons, including a Snark and a little d’addario one.
Next time I’m in the market for another clip on it will probably be a Polytune.

Well my tuner decided to die on me the other day, saw the posts here which was very useful, and ordered last night a Peterson StroboClip HD. Thanks for pointing that tuner out, it was very helpful.


I have one of those, and it’s awesome! Use it every day for as many years as I can remember… not a single problem.
Only comment I have is that I find the “poly” aspect of it useless, I would just as well use their “mono” tuner. Don’t know why I have the polyphonic one, perhaps it was the only model available back then or perhaps it was just what I happened to get (I remember getting my tuner as an xmas present from my parents, many years back)

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Hi @Kasper what do you find better between clip on and pedal tuners? At the moment I just have acoustics as waiting for the electric I want to become available. Also have you ever used the Boss DB 90 Metronome? I read somewhere that you can connect your guitar directly to it. I got one for Christmas and wondering if that something worth exploring. Thanks.

Hi Socio,

First of all I have to mention that I’m a fairly experienced player, and also a bit of a “gear head”… so I own lots of stuff :wink:
I do like clip-on tuners, and I find that they are quite accurate - and extremely convenient. Which is why I use and can recommend products like the TC clip-on tuner. But, to be completely honest/transparent, I don’t use them for recording work or recording. In my home studio I have a rack tuner (a Korg DTR-2) and playing live I tune through my Helix floor board. I mention this because there IS a difference between tuning from head stock vibrations (like a clip on tuner) and from the tone fed directly to a unit through a guitar cable. In your case that would be a tuner pedal, but it’s the same as my own hardware units. But, again, for everyday playing and for staying in tune while practicing the TC clip-on device is just awesome.

Don’t know the DB 90, sorry. I have/use a cheap external metronome (Korg MA-1), which was simply the cheapest option I could pick up at my local music store back when I needed one. It’s a super useful device though, so definitely get a metronome for your practice sessions!