Thoroughly Decent Chap Award - to honour the delights of DavidP

Original Forum thread here: Thoroughly Decent Chap Award - to honour the delights of DavidP

Awarded June 16, 2020.

DavidP has weaved himself into the very fabric of our community with his (literally) thousands of contributions in the forum, countless hours paying it forward to other members and (doubtless) hundreds of hours learning to play guitar, learning to record songs using multitrack production, learning to play and sing and to get out in public to perform. And all the while he has been happily, graciously and courteously sharing all of this learning, his mistakes and his successes for others to benefit from as they come along a similar path.
He’s a top bloke!
Thoroughly deserved.


Original responses taken from the original Forum thread.

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@DavidP responses summarised and condensed …



I joined Justin Guitar literally 2 weeks after this Award was bestowed on David.

In the 17 months I’ve been here, David has not only generously shared his knowledge and expertise with me, but has provided me with much encouragement and guidance many times.
And I’m just one, among countless others.
For me, I’ve come to see him as part of the fabric of this community.

So, as an Aussie, I’d like to personally bestow my very own Top Bloke Award to you David.

Have a great Xmas mate.

Cheers, Shane.


Salt of the earth and an absolute rock. You give tremendous support to all who walk these boards, my friend. Keep doing what you do best.




Thanks, Maaaate, you’re ever so kind. Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas. Look forward to hearing more rocking tunes from you.


I follow the lead and example of many others, like your good self, and bring what I can to this Community.

We’ll keep on rocking 'n rolling, my friend.


Hey @sclay Shane can you imagine how he’d say maaaaaate? :laughing:

Well done David you’re still coolio :cowboy_hat_face:


Yeah, probably not very well Maggie. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I suppose he makes up for it by being a top bloke.

Alot of Aussie love here for ya’ David. :blue_heart:


Who knows, I might surprise you :joy:

But fear not, I shan’t surprise you at an OM or in a Songs From the Playroom (Not the Wood) with a “G’day maaaaaate” greeting :rofl:

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But maybe you could find a song about shrimps and barbies ?? :rofl:

Waltzing Mathilda done with an accent


I might get kicked out of the Community for poor taste beyond reason


You might actually get away with that one !!

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