Those seemingly simple things that cause you big problems

I’m sure everybody gets these.

My current one is a song that goes from a simple Em7, Dsus4, Cadd9, G (Em, D, C, and G with top two strings kept pressed at 3rd fret) pattern for the verses, to basic C,G,D,Em open chords for the chorus.

Swapping from Verse to Chorus is simple, as there’s a pause in the guitar playing for 4 bars.
However the switch back is non-stop. It should be a simple Em for a bar, then add fingers 3&4 for to get the Em7 for another bar and resume the verse chords.
The strumming pattern doesn’t even change, but I cannot manage it. My brain is struggling to handle putting those two fingers down, and keeping them down. :persevere:

However on a more positive note, I’ve got a drive pedal out, the PRS SE has been de-tuned, and the callouses are building up while I’m having fun brushing up on my power chords :metal:


I may be asking the obvious, but have you tried playing it at a slower tempo where you make no mistakes?

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You are playing the last Em chord of the chorus with left hand fingers 1 and 2 instead of the usual 2 and 3, right?

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If you are talking Stuck 3 4 chords, then as Serhat suggests play the Em with fingers 1 & 2 and keep 3 n 4 free ready to drop back onto the B and 3 strings at the 3rd fret. Do it slow as Jozef suggests. Real slow, get the fingering right and the ramp the tempo up bit by bit until you get to the songs BPM. To test yourself raise that another 5 - 10 BPM then come back down and it will feel easier at the songs speed.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that 90% of people in here would not
consider those simple chords :laughing::laughing::laughing:. from where I’m sitting in my little A D E world, those are pretty exotic


Hendrix Chord is kicking my butt! It’s the obstacle that’s keeping me from playing Breathe by Pink Floyd.

That being said, I remember when Dm used to be the tough one, and it seems so easy now.

It’s always something LOL!


@Jozsef @elevatortrim @TheMadman_tobyjenner I know what my fingers need to do, but they just don’t comply. I’ll get there eventually.

@LesPaulMoreRay Everything is relative!

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