Thoughts on fretboard stickers for learning the fretboard?

I wouldn’t bother…there are a couple.o easy formulas to hep you find notes once you are familiar with the sixth string(e.g. up2 strings,up 2 frets)etc…there are many items on YT about it…
When I was learning to play the organ (many years ago!) I cut some card into small squares ,wrote the chord names on them and put them in a box…At the start of each practice session I would spend a couple of minutes picking them out at random to see if I could remember the shapes and later on the inversions .A similar system may be of help to you
Another tip is one from Justin in a Lesson he gave To Lee Anderton …pick a note at random and try to find the note on each of the six strings…a brain curler when you start but it gets easier as you go…Have fun on your guitar journey.:blush:

I would agree with everyone else… it’s gonna create a bad posture and you don’t want to have to rely on something like that. There’s a system for how it works that you will learn in Music Theory. When I looked at all the frets and strings it looked daunting to me. But I learned some of the Music Theory and it really isn’t hard to learn once you get the basic understanding of how it works. :grin:

Big no. Just learn the first letters of the alphabeth and the open strings.
Once you start playing in different tunings those stickers are useless.
Keep a paper in front of you when you still need it.

There are many simple tricks for learning fretboard effortlessly. but I will share only two

Trick 1
Try to know/memorize the name of root notes of every chord you can play.

Trick 2 [Simple but effective trick ]
Locate and play all A Keys on the fretboard. Starting from 1st fret to 12th fret. For example, you can find A on [6th string - 5th fret ], [5th string -12th fret] [4th string 7th fret] [3rd string - 2nd fret] [2nd string- 10th fret] 1st string 5th fret].

If you are able to play it up and down 4 times without mistakes, then you are good to go. try the same method for other keys. no sharp no flats, only natural keys.
NOTE: Don’t memorize the pattern or anything. JUST PLAY. with 15 mins dedication each day, u will be surprised by the result

Ben I think you are referring to notes not keys. Keys are a collection of notes. Ie the notes in the Key of G.

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Hi @johnchianti,

I think the community has given plenty of reasons why not, based on arguments for learning music. I agree with them.
For me, there’s also the consideration of what happens when you will eventually want to remove the stickers.
How much adhesive residue will remain on the fretboard/neck, how easy/difficult will be to take it off. Is it going to peel any finish off of the guitar too? Is it going to cause any discolouration after a period of time?
Personally, I wouldn’t put any stickers anywhere on my guitar based on the above thoughts.

@johnchianti I’m going to suggest something that no one else has mentioned or probably even thought of! It was shown to me by a friend of mine who is a session guitarist, she suggested it to me because I was having difficulty like you learning where notes were.
What you do is sit yourself in front of a mirror in a comfortable playing position, then get a friend or your partner to mark up the shape of the fingerboard and the frets on the mirror (with a felt pen).
Then you mark up enough of the notes to give you the help you need at the time; gradually rub them out until you don’t need them anymore.