Thoughts on justin's note reading for guitarist?

got myself a small Christmas precent :slight_smile:
anybody has this book already? what are your thoughts on it?
knowing the quality of Justin’s courses, I have high expectations and i am very excited to for it arriving soon.

I was also thinking about buying the intermediate courses book, would you guys recommend it? is it like the same info as the website? or how am I supposed to image it?


Given that I always look for TAB that also has the notation on I would say that it is worth it. Most TAB doesn’t give you note values and most notation doesn’t give you the position on guitar where the note should be played. Without both you would be guessing what is correct.
Simple example to try is play the high e and then the other two positions it can be played and observe the difference!

I believe the intermediate course book follows the old intermediate course. The new intermediate courses are still being updated and new lesson are being added.

I want to buy it but would like to know how it looks inside. Is it posible if you could upload a one page?

isnt that breaking some kind of copyrigh rule ?
if not i can do so when i get home later tonight

its a very simple and straight forward book. you get some explanation, like music theory and then you get a whole page of note reading exercise, they dont sound like music. just like picking in different notes.

but it is the whole point.

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I have the Note Reading book and went through it cover to cover. I enjoyed the process and I believe that I benefit from the experience. The book was well structured and is of similar quality to other Justin products. He guides you in a nice progressive manner and makes it a relatively easy process. There are also a few topics covered that I found generally useful (aside from the point of reading notation). The first was “playing” rests properly and the other was playing double stops.

There have been threads on the community discussing whether or not it is worthwhile learning to read standard notation and the general consensus was that it is only worth it if you want to learn that skill but it was not necessary.


@Rolandson This music store shows a preview of 2 pages of the book as an example. It looks well written. Hal Leonard Justin Guitar: Note Reading For Guitarists - Sandercoe/Cortese - Book | Long & McQuade

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