Thoughts on the Fender Mustang LT50 please

I want to replace my Marshall MG250dfx amp. I have a Marshall Code50 that I am beginning to understand. The Code50 has simulations for most of the popular Marshall heads and cabinets so I can get all the Marshall sound I might need.
My GAS impaired logic tells me that if I had a similar Fender modelling amp with most of the popular Fender combos, I would have that spectrum covered as well.
The Mustang LT50 appears to fit the bill. I would appreciate a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the LT50. If there is another modelling amp that might be even more versatile, please include it in the conversation.

Of course, once I have the amp sounds available there will be nothing left but to start exploring the endless pairings of guitars with the amps. So many toys and only so many days…

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In reality you don’t need to but another amp, if you’re going to be happy with the Marshall Code then this might be a very good option, take a look at this review. It’s something that I’m seriously considering!

Use it into a clean channel in your amp and use the amps and fx in the amp plug.