Three Little Birds - My First Performance

Absolutely terrified to put this out there but I truly believe I can’t improve until I cross this hurdle! I welcome feedback. I feel that I’m a bit off one the first beat on some measures and some of my chords aren’t as clean as they should be. Oh well - one down, many to come!

I hope you enjoy my feeble performance of Three Little Birds


Congratulations on posting your first video. It gets easier after this and even a bit addictive.

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great job for posting, I’m new to this too, but can tell you the feedback you will get is a great gift to accelerate your learning. I think you did really well for so early in your journey. Phil

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Well done on taking the step of posting your first video Victor, singing and everything. Clean chord changes and timing will come with deliberate practice.

In terms of feedback, I’d encourage you to work on your guitar posture. You’re leaning back, which makes it a bit harder. If you sit up straight on the edge of a chair with the guitar face basically vertical, it makes a lot of things easier. I like to make sure my chair is quite low and have my right foot on its ball to raise my right knee a little higher.


Thanks for the feedback, JK. Posture is a struggle for me. I have a type of arthritis that has caused a significant curvature of my spine and neck. So, sitting up straight isn’t really possible. I do find that raising my right leg slightly does help. I’m thinking that a smaller guitar (like a Martin 000 Jr) might help me to keep the guitar more upright. A strap might be another solution.


Ah, that is a pain, when you’re working around things like arthritis you would kind of just need to do what you can do. Yes a smaller guitar might help, that looks like a dreadnought. I tried a concert sized guitar that was very thin one time, something like that might suit and still sound great.

If the arthritis affects your hands, you might look into lighter gauge strings too - 11s are significantly easier to play than 12s.

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Bravo, Victor, on taking the plunge and posting that first scary recording.

You are right on track, doing just fine. Nothing specific to point out, just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting better.

Sorry to hear of the challenges with posture. Have you tried playing standing up? No idea if standing would be better or worse for you but if better then maybe the smaller guitar, plus strap would be a way to go.

Irrespective, keep on keeping on!

Hey Victor, that was OK! Congratulations on posting on AVOYP, it’s a bit frightening but well worth it!
Your performance was pretty decent, steady strumming and your singing was in tune :+1:
A smaller guitar will definitely help, as soon as I saw the start of the video I thought that. Probably the one you suggested or maybe a Taylor GS mini would be pretty good, they’re around the same price so it’s just a matter of trying them out and seeing which one calls out to you! Good luck :+1:

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting and well done Victor.

That was a nicely done. Steady rhythm, clean changes and nice vocals.

A suggestion would be a different chair, something to keep you more upright, which will push the guitar forward and help with posture. Long term you’ll benefit from it.

Hey Flying_V,
That is a great screen name! I think you did well. A thing to improve on would be to simply loosen up. You seem very stiff and did a great job otherwise. I think if you get into the mojo of the song and go with the flow of it, you will improve even more. This was a great first post and welcome!

Reading back on the above I see the struggles and issues with posture. Music is soothing to the soul. Soak up as much as you can and let it move you… One thing you might try is a strap adjusted to where you would be when standing. Then when you sit, the guitar would be just touching your leg, but still supported by the strap. That will really help keep the guitar vertical.

Keep up the vibe and go with it. All the best on your guitar journey!

Well done Victor. You’ve taken a bit leap forward just by posting your first AVOYP. I think you’ll find the encouragement you get from here is a great motivator.

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Congratulations, Flying V, on your first AVoYP!
Your timing, strumming and vocals were all solid for where you are in your guitar journey. 3 Little Birds is a great tune to keep coming back to as you learn and can apply more skills. Keep it up, you are doing great.

Well done on your first AVOYP, Victor. That was great, there were a lot of positives, you are progressing well. Keep on doing what your doing and stick with Justin’s course and you are only going to keep getting better. Look forward to following your progress.

Well done on your first AVoYP, it was very good. Singing as well is a big positive, bodes well for the future.

Hello Victor,
What a great first video man…you have a nice voice :sunglasses:…pity about your spine and neck that’s a Bi…bummer :pensive:.
Keep it up, you’re on track :bouquet:

Congrats Victor, it’s a big leap of faith to post up, that sounded great with consistent strumming and importantly you stuck with the song and didn’t get distracted by the odd misfiring chord change, Justin has spoken about that I think so well done! In fact he mentions on the Take Me Home Country Roads video he’s just posted!!
Look forward to hearing more from you! - Mark.
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You can breathe a big sigh of relief now Victor then give yourself a pat of the back for a job well done. Something that impresses me a lot is that you didn’t look at the fret as you played. To have developed a feel for the chord grips so well and so early in your learning is admirable and an excellent skill to have. I like your singing voice too.

These will most probably help with your posture challenges.

Vibes from me on your first AVoYP Victor. Good steady strumming and I liked your vocal. Well done!

Nice one Victor :slight_smile:

Congrats on your first AVoYP, Victor! I thought you did great and you’re singing already. Looking forward to your progress.