Three Little Birds

Hi all: back with another cover with the new guitar. I’ve been on quite a run with the classic country covers (Johnn Cash, Willie, etc.), but thought I’d change it up a bit. Three Little Birds is actually the first song I every learned to play, as it’s song #1 in the original Justin Guitar Beginners Song Book. I transposed it to the key of G to better sit with my voice. Comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism always welcome!

PS: if you have a YouTube channel, I would appreciate a subscribe from all my Justin Guitar friends!


Sounds great Tosh! Loved it.
It did sound really nice in the key of G with your voice :smiling_face: :sunflower:

Nice one Tosh, I like your spin on it! I’ve only ever played it with a true reggae vibe and never thought about using a different style - got me thinking about a Rock or Metal version now :rofl:
That Mahogany Martin sure does sound mellow, lovely tone! Did you use a harmoniser or something on your vocals? Liked it, very well done :clap:

Great one, Tosh! The backing vocal sits much better in the mix on this one.

That was cool Tosh, you’ve put your mark on that completely, most enjoyable.
It’s a great song to mess around with as you learn new techniques and styles. The Martin sounds beautiful btw!
:guitar: :+1: :clap:

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback / comments!

@Avalon426 - thanks for the view, Jasmine. I never thought of playing in a different key before, but almost nothing in the key of A or D seems to work for me. ha-ha.

@DarrellW - Yeah, I guess my version isn’t very reggae, is it? LOL. I can’t wait to hear your rocking out version! No harmonizer: I added a second vocal track in Reaper for the choruses. I think that gives my performances a little extra energy and dynamics. I also did that in my Country Roads cover, but think this one was slightly better done. It’s a work in progress learning Reaper. I used the “punch in” and “punch out” recording feature for that second track / overdub.

@jacobbonde - thanks Jacob. I thought the chorus worked better this time too. Appreciate your feedback last time. Those little bits of advice always help!

@Notter - Thank you Mark. I’m loving the Martin. Still playing lots of Cash but the tone has actually inspired me to go back to some of my old other favorites too. Interesting how a different instrument can do that!

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Great version Tosh, you made it your own and I enjoyed the vocal tricks more here than on Country Roads.
Well done.

I’m learning! haha. Thanks Gordon.

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Great job Tosh :slight_smile: Nice version of that song ! You made it your own :slight_smile: Cool tricks with reaper.

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Luvin it :+1:

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Haha, no but that doesn’t matter!
There’s a really good idea how here:
Remove the brackets if interested.

Kinda like a country version of every little thing is gonna be alright! Nice one!

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That’s usually not my intention but everything I do comes out a little country. Haha. Thanks Bytron!


Hey Tosh,
Nice to see you taking your new Martin out for a spin :grinning:
Always a good idea to go back to songs you used to play and see what you can do with them now.
I’m a great fan of putting our own stamp on a song and yours is unquestionably country, but this will always be a reggae song for me.
Regarding constructive criticism-
You’re remaining too ‘faithful’ in your strumming pattern for my taste. Maybe something different in the chorus or a break with just tapping the guitar with your hand would add variation.
I love the way you decided to add backing vocals to the chorus, but think you missed a trick by singing the same melody. Harmonies would have floated my boat. You obviously have the capability, as you are able to vary the original melody in the verses.
Maybe when you ‘revisit’ in a couple of years? :wink: