Thumb Muting

Your thumb is for so much more than just chilling behind your guitar neck! It’s got potential and we're ready to explore it.

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How do I avoid muting the high e string with the base of my index finger when wrapping my thumb around the top of the fretboard?

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The key is to hold it really tight like a bat, you just need to play around with your palm to try to make it work.

I was having the same issue at first but found that moving my thumb to an angle helped.

At first my thumb was coming straight up, like parallel to the frets, but making it at an angle like Justin’s thumb in the video (look at the tip of his thumb) shifts my hand a bit. So now it rings out while keeping that firm grip.

I think my thumb has grown longer, since I started muting thicker strings. Now I even mute the fifth string when I play D chords.