Tim Pierce’s Guitar Crisis and Solution

It’s an expensive guitar, but such an interesting idea in the way he practices with it.


Thanks for sharing Pat. An interesting video not only the guitar but the routine. Not sure about the contraption towards the end though. :thinking:

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Since my injury I play with the neck raised up, almost a classical guitar position, and I find most of the time a properly adjusted guitar strap does the job; however my partscaster has a very light body that leads to huge neck dive and my first reaction was “that’s what I need to play that guitar”. So I googled it (It’s called a “performaxe” - if you google it, make sure you spell it correctly with the e at the end) and promptly lost interest when I saw the price is well in excess of 100 american dollars, which means it’s well over £80 in real money before you add shipping! :grimacing:


Cool share, thanks Pat :slight_smile: Some lessons in there for me that’s for sure! :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

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