Time and Date Stamp (solved)

Time and Date insert - Did not add the time unless I am missing something. Ok now see that you have to click it to get time but why is time not displayed as default ? Also 2 timezone, mine CET and 2021-12-06T23:00:00Z and Los Angeles USA ?

Indeed, currently only 2 timezones seem to be available by default so we need to check how to get all useful timezones in there at some point.

Testing myself:
(did you fill in the time block correctly?)


I seem to have a complete list; howm uch do you have in the drop down?

Errrr noooooo ! :scream:


Thank you…can we have a DOH emoji, it can just be a picture of me or a donkey !!


No worries, we’re here already testing for exactly this kind of scenario’s.