Time inception cover by Eiro Nareth

So this is one of the songs that made me love the guitar. It’s a cover for Time by Hanz zimmer beautifully played by YouTuber Eiro Nareth that I decided to give a shot. It’s not perfect because I didn’t practice it enough :slight_smile: plus my fingerstyle technique still needs some bit of work but hopefully you’ll enjoy watching it.

I’ve been off the guitar world coz I lost my nail and it’s been a while since I last played but glad that my finger is healing anyways I’m back now


I don’t know the song but that was some really nice playing Elisha. Very enjoyable :sunglasses:

Sounds good, Elisha, already pretty good to the listener.

Recording ended rather abruptly. When you are more well practiced and satisfied you can make anotehr recording that ends with the end of the song.

Thanks bud :slight_smile: I was also thinking the same thing

Glad you enjoyed it :blush:
It’s a score by Hans Zimmer for a movie Time Inception.

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Zimmer produces some wonderful music for films. As for Inception, got to have your wits about you watching that film :grin:

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Hi Love this, and anything by Hans Zimmer thanks for sharing so nice and good

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Hey thanks for sharing this - what a beautiful piece of music that show cases a few different styles of playing with some solid note runs around 1:50 and 3:20. Might the guitar have been ever so slightly out of tune? Either way, you’ve inspired me to add this to a wish list :0) Hope your nail heals up quick.

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Good playing @Ely123. Love it. :kissing_heart::guitar:

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That was an amazing performance Eli. Your fingerstyle is superb - very inspiring!

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Hi bud happy you liked it!
I think it has some intonation problems coz i also noticed and even tried to tune it twice but still some notes could be out of tune.

Awwww thanks for that dopamine treat :blush:

Thanks Elisha, I really enjoyed that.

You may find this series of lessons on how to set up your guitar, including the intonation, useful

Thanks so much I’ll definitely check it out :blush:

That was some pretty sweet playing Elisha. Really enjoyed watching this one.

Glad your nail has healed as well.

Beutiful piece of music! Never heard it before.
Thanks for shearing it Elisha.

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