Time sensitive Routine suggestions

Hello, Didn’t know where to post so here it is

I find my motivation fleeting and struggling to make progress.

Due to work commitments I am struggling to fit guitar in.

What are some time sensitive routine ideas you have for the following time limits examples:
5 minute routine (may not seem like much but better to get 1% better than zilch)
10 minute routine
15 minute routine
30 minute routine
1hr routine
2hr routine

how much of training ratio should be practicing songs?theory & technique ?

any ideas appreciated .

Where are you in the course? I think that would make a difference.

Sorry should of specified, about to start Grade 3

Hi Sean
I’d have thought if you’ve got to grade 3 you are progressing well and must already have a pretty good idea of what makes for a good practice routine.

How many songs can you play without looking at the music/lyrics? Learning songs keeps my motivation up. At the end of the day playing songs is what learning guitar is all about.
I find I fit new techniques into songs as and when required.


If you’ve got to grade 3, I would suggest :sunglasses:
50% time on songs and %50 on technique and development.

Apply what you know to songs. Apply new Grade 3 items to songs.

Break your T & D into maybe 3.

33% Practicing Grade 1 and 2 items you still struggle with
(although they should have been boxed off in consolidation).

66% Practicing the new Grade 3 items

1% Have a brew

You can apply that to any timeline from 15 minutes to 15 hours.





Took the liberty to categorise your post under effective practice … seemed appropriate.

Justin often talks about 5 to 10 minute drills in his lessons.

Perhaps an idea for short time periods is to have a jar of 5 minute drills and just lucky dip when you have 5-15 minutes. Not my idea, another of Justin’s :slight_smile:

For 30 minutes, if you are a person who works well with structure, then I’d suggest writing up one or more 30 minute routines. Then when you have longer periods of time you can use those.

And the content of those routines could be guided by Justin’s lesson 6 Guitar Areas You Should Practice | JustinGuitar.com


I love you.


I’d say make it 15 minutes. why 15? it’s achievable. 30 might be better but that seems to hard as it’s a significant chunk of time in a busy schedule. You want to maintain your motivation and setting an unachievable goal kills motivation. When I started playing 15 minutes every day really worked for me. And get to playing complete songs all the way through, learning songs really helped my motivation.