Time Trainer App Idea


I am probably, literally, going to be the only person with this “suggestion.” Haha :slight_smile:
But, I really don’t like any of the display types - pendulum/segments/circle dots - on the Time Trainer.
Yes, I know it’s primarily an audio tool, but I also find using the visual element helpful.
When I’m reading/following music I think in bars/measures and 1,2,3,4 - horizontal movement.
I’d like to see a pattern in “measures” 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 with dots or something to that style.
(Metronome Beats has this type of style and some other things I also like - not to promote the competition, of course) :slight_smile:

Maybe I just need to think more musically in circles or segments or pendulums :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:


What is the Time Trainer app?


Thanks for that. Didn’t know that this existed!!

What do you thonk about the app.
Did your timing and foot tapping got better with this app?


Yes, the app/metronome definitely helps. I always use it during practice sessions - scales; finger gym; strumming exercises, etc.
The steps/speed-up feature is also useful to build up speed.

I just wish it had a linear visual element because it’s easier for me to think/play that way and easier for me to count out notes/bars/measures in my mind linearly the way music is written.
And, maybe add different color themes :slight_smile:

Hmm, I wonder if Justin had a reason for not wanting a linear visual pattern :thinking: :slight_smile:


This is one of the old apps so I would imagine it’s VERY unlikely to be updated.

I reckon the visuals are the way they are because that’s what metronomes are like. When I learned drums (as a teenager in the 90s) I used either an old school pendulum metronome or digital flashing & clicking metronome.

TBH you shouldn’t be looking at a metronome anyway, you should be listening to the click.

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Haha, yes, of course, I know I should be listening more and looking less :slight_smile:

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Just bought the app. Has everything what I need to work on my timing.

Yes, I’m sure that it will work well for you and using a metronome is an essential tool to have.

I’d also recommend Guitar Pro (one-time purchase with discounted semi-regular updates) if you don’t already have it.
Justin puts a lot of lessons in GP. And, there are other instructors who put lessons/songs in GP as well as finding GP tabs on the Ultimate Guitar Tabs website.
You can speed up/slow down; loop sections and it has a built-in metronome, too.
I only use it for playback, though I did make a few scales tabs.
It’s a very sophisticated program for composing.


Thank you

Ultimate guitar is great but the support is awful. I am a pro member but you don’t get an answer for changing the payment method.
I’m done with Ultimate guitar.
Justin guitar support is great. There have never been a problem.
I subscribed to justin guitar tabs now. The tabs are correct, you get a video about how to play it as well. Sure you can’t print it or use it offline like UG app but who knows what the future brings for justin guitar tabs. It is about a year old.

Hi - I have got the time trainer app v1.09. I like a lot about it. Only I cannot find settings to change the volume and beat of the accent, and I am not really sure what divisions are under the beats section. Is there an up to date video on this? I tried contacting leafcutter, but they only replied once, and it’s a shame as really want to expand how I use the metronome. I have an old android Galaxy s6, so maybe its the phone am using. Any tips more than welcome, Surrinder