Time Trainer App query

Is there an easy way to jump from 60 to 80 to 100 to 120 beats per minute? The app keeps suggesting that I tap the screen twice but it does not seem to jump in any logical sequence. I then have to use the + and - buttons.

If you hold the + button it will jump by 10 each time. Should get you to where you want pretty quick.

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@alexisduprey Thank you, for that. That it make it a lot eaasier.

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Tony @TonyHS

Answered in your other post.

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I found out this: sometimes I want to check out which bpm I’ve played a song so I start tapping on the screen consistently (along with my recording on a different device), and after a few taps it adjusts and says which bpm I’m tapping. I don’t know if this helps but I find it useful.


Silvia @SILVIA
You are right about tapping to get the bpm, just shows you learn something every day. :grinning:
Perhaps the explanation of this in the notes, but not checked.


Thanks to everyone who have replied. I have a far better understanding of the app now.

Thanks @MAT1953 I will have to set my app up to that view, at the moment it is on pendulum mode

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