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I have been waiting since i started playing for this song.
I would like to ask how can i get the tone. What effects and settings were used ( as a starting point so i could dial my set up in). Thank you

Welcome to the community @Ins

To me it sounds like a fairly standard Marshall-like heavy crunch. He’s using the bridge pickup too, which is important as it tends to be more trebly.

Other than that I don’t hear any other effects. You should be able to get this sort of tone on most decent amps by experimenting with the gain control to get the amount of “grit” you need, and then tweak the EQ controls to change the character a bit.

What guitar and amp do you have?



Thanks for the answer


amp fender mustang so many settings so little time

The guitar (gas problem quest for the tone) a few choices

Pedals ( gas see above)

Will try to find a marshall preset and use an eq to dial in

Is there a place to check the tones and settings

That should work. If you can, start with an empty patch, add a Marshal amp, and stick the gain up to about 60%. That should be most of the way there, but it does depend on your guitar too.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. A place in this community, or a place on the Mustang?

There’s no place on Justin’s website or community that describes how to set up a given amp (or amp, pedals, and guitar combination) for specific songs as there are so many different combinations of rig.

It’s really useful to understand how your amp works and how guitar amps in general work) so you can understand how to work these things out by yourself. That, in my opinion, is a downside of a lot of modelling tools as people get used to just using presets or download patches and never learn how to dial in tones themselves.

There’s plenty of people on here who have Mustangs who can probably give advice if you get stuck.

Note a lot of the tone for this song is in the palm muting technique and the “attitude” which you play it. So I wouldn’t spend too long trying to tweak the amp to get it “just right”.

Dial in some mid-to-high gain crunch tones with the mids turned up, use a neck pickup, and get playing!