TimeTrainer app. No accent on beat 1

I’m making my way through the Strumming SOS course Grade 1…watching the metronome lesson and Justin says it’s very important to have a metronome that can accent on beat one. He mentions his TimeTrainer app and so I buy it. I can’t accent beat 1 with this app.
There is too much value here for me to care about a couple of dollars. So just trying to bring awareness to this discrepancy!
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Try settings and change the primary tick sound.

Dave - your Settings page in the Time Trainer app look way different than what I see in mine. According to Google Play I’m using the latest version 1.09 on Android.

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Yes, I am also on android.

Ah, sorry bud assumed they would be all the same

Have you tried a different sound group, mine has beat 1 accented by default maybe more obvious with a different ‘shaker’?

I don’t know android. But I think it should be there somewhere in settings >Audio > sound group

Jason - the screen shot I included in my post is all that’s available in Settings on the Android version 1.09.

@larynejg - are there any plans to make an updated version of the Time Trainer available in the Google Play Store?


Hey! There are plans, but no idea when they’ll happen as the apps aren’t developed in-house yet. But we’re working to make those things happen!

Thank you!

Kevin @Gnivek - getting back to your original question - I do hear a different sound on the 1st beat in the Android app.

My settings for the sounds is in my earlier post.

This is my settings for the Beats:

I hope this helps!


You’re right…with the triangle sound group, there is a different tone on beat 1.
I was using gamer sound group and this does not have a different sound.
I checked a few other sounds and they also have that slightly different tone on beat 1.